Sound production

When you ring the telephone helpline of Apple or Adobe, listen to the in-flight announcements on Polish Airlines planes, follow instructions given as audio messages on the Dover ferry, at Olavinlinna Castle or Santa-Park, or in the Here Go- navigation system, you have already had an introduction to the productions of Mediabeat. You also come across our work on almost every commercial TV and radio station in Finland, or when you familiarise yourself with the new Windows operating system via an online video, or with the city of Stockholm on the sightseeing boat.The basic raw ingredient of Mediabeat's sound production is the human voice. As well as radio and TV advertisements, we produce sound for telephone services, training videos, audio books, alarm systems and high tech appliances that give instructions via voice commands. In every media, any language, and on all wavelengths.

Video production

Would you like to present your new product with a clear introductory video or an effective TV campaign? A music video, or user instructions for YouTube or Blue-ray? Or do you have TV advertisement that you would like to localise for Finland? Just give us the word, and we can make the characters in your advert speak Finnish, quickly and cost- effectively. Our own sound production ensures that your sound track is A-class.

Photography, graphics and internet

A stylish flyer, swinging record cover or impressive composite picture for your advertisement? We photograph, edit and construct the final product reliably, professionally and cost-effectively.